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Trades is basic and at the same time the largest building block of a complete set of business applications. Beside working with basic system structures such as a collection of items, partners, taxes, rates and other units, TRADES contains all the business functions of issuing orders, quotes, acceptance of the goods ordered, accounts controlling, delivery, invoicing, service activities, lease contracts, periodic contracts activities or issuing retail receipts as well. The common database for all packages and allows you to effectively work with the current account book of buyers and suppliers and the general ledger.


For smaller companies or individuals the application suite is running on an embedded data structures. For larger users are suitable SQL databases (supported MS SQL, Oracle, SQLAnywhere, SQLLite).

Reliable operation

The entire assembly operates very reliably. Some of our partners conduct business through Trades suite more than 15 years.
Trades can operate independently or in a network. With some adds you can run TRADES outside your local network without VPN or RDP connections.
Trades is a 32 bit application for Windows, all supported versions from Windows XP to Windows 10.




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